Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Sunanda Pushkar : Pushed to the End.

Tempest Pushkar, who stormed the social circuit and media for 3 years fell to her death.  So tragic. Somebody who withstood and survived many a chant uttered by a wide spectrum of people from LaMo (IPL) to NaMo finally gave in to the foreign hand. Trar or Tharoor, she could have in so many other ways shown them the door. So sad. I was hoping she would come out of all that mess and move on, shed off all those layers of make-up and lies. But that was not to be. She died with a complicated status. Needless to say, interrogations, investigations will be complicated too. With witnesses wanting to be unnamed and selective email leaks, which seriously is so childish, the case looks like it’s going cold and Congvenient.

Something tells me though, if it wasn’t for Twitter, Pushkar probably would still be around, whining in that suite, waiting for the ‘painting of her house’ to be finished. Some people get caned for their tweets, Sunanda got (herself) killed for hers. Her feisty nature to get even should have been more mature, more calculated, more sly. How na├»ve to try to stop a flamboyant nature from going astray again. Can’t believe he was once a UN senior diplomat. Platonic seems to have taken on an entirely new meaning in today’s world! She could have told “them” that even cattle are more classy. How sad, she never learnt the ways of the Janus faced media. Media whose eyeball pursuing nature makes them believe that the plural of spouse is spice.

In the end, I hope it wasn’t just an overdose of Twitter and Alprax that killed her. For all that, big, beautiful, troubled life of hers, I hope its end will be justifiably dissected. RIP Sunanda.

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