Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Welcoming Ramadan 2013..

If there's any such thing as happy fasting, it is the Ramadan. All my Muslim friends look forward to this once in a year occasion. Fasting or sawn refrains Muslim not only from  eating during daylight but any ill deeds of gossiping, backbiting and best of all they can make peace with those who have wronged them (or those whom they have wronged) and strengthen ties .  They celebrate this sacred month which is observed with immense spiritual joy of getting closer to God. I'm not Muslim, but I have to admit I'm heavily influenced by this holy month.  

Last afternoon, I met this Malay elderly who works in our condo and he puts it best,” Besides everything else, fasting makes us realise how lucky we are. There are millions who starve every day. In a way, Ramadan gives an opportunity to celebrate their spirit.” With a mop in hand, his happy face showed no hint that he last ate at 5:30 in the morning. 

Here's the most beautiful picture I came across in the morning.:-)

Lots of love to all you, fasting or not. Love your God, don’t fear Him.

To all my Muslim friends who are fasting, have a blessed one.


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