Monday, 8 July 2013

Confession of a budding e-shopaholic

The new cool in my life is online shopping. I know I’m late on this one. But what the heck, I finally get the point of effortless shopping from the comfort of my bed and coffee table.

I've always been a big fan of cheap shopping. From chunky heels to cool accessories and casual apparels, they make every day dressing up sensible and yet versatile and confident. I always thought Forever 21 was cheap and good till I stumbled upon Dress and Such, an online site for everything that’s cool on me and my pockets.  You can get anything from $ 7 to anything under $ 30.I especially like their shoes and bags. In the next few posts, I’m going to share with you the stuff I got from this local site. Hopefully you may just find it useful.

To start with, I’m posting pics of this lovely orange clutch item that I got for only $ 11.10. But I have to warn you about the shipping time. Bags and shoes are back ordered  so they take time, between 10-14 days. And yes, Dress and Such delivers to India too. The shipping cost equals to the two way taxi fare to Atria mall from your suburbs, exclusive of the cost of gastronomic indulgence that  accompanies shopping.

You can only imagine how happy my wardrobe looks with this dash of orange!

So ladies, grab your cuppa of Starbucks and get browsing.Don't be surprised if you stumble upon something that you'll absolutely love and doesn't cost more  than that cuppa of coffee!

Cheers !


  1. You are hardly a shopaholic dear but yes... you make this clutch and everything else you get look good via reflection of the beauty near them.. :)