Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Beating another round of haze..

The haze is (almost) back. It’s another helpless situation. I thought we got enough empathy to keep us good till next year. Benevolent Singapore needs to take serious actions if all this sums up to a regular, prescribed environmental dose of attacks that the other side is only too aware of.

You get a cold, you openly blow your nose and we get the residue. It’s not funny. Think of the ones with respiratory problems. It may not be life threatening but it certainly escalates the condition. And needless to say, it spoils a perfectly planned summer of swimming, garden picnics or just a simple evening walk.

Last month was a terror. But thanks to it, this time, we are sufficiently ready to lessen the effect of the haze. My top tips for a safe haze are...
  1. Keeping doors and windows shut. You can always air your house whenever you get a safe Pollutant Standards Index or PSI.
  2. People with respiratory issues should avoid outdoors and do not forget your orange puffs as preventive measures.
  3.  If you should go out, make sure you cover your mouth and nose with a mask. The N95 masks are most ideal.
  4.  Make honey a part of your before bed rituals. It’s one of the most powerful natural remedies for cough and cold. If you’re Indian add a little jaggery to the ritual.
  5. This one is really good for kids. Heat a little sesame or mustard oil and rub it with Vicks and   apply it on your child’s neck, chest and back. It really helps.
  6.   Make soups and steamed food your staple. Water, green tea are major redeemers.
  7.   Keep calm. This is the best way to contribute positively to the situation.

I’m praying the cloud seeding and water bombing goes well and we get no haze. But if we do, keep safe and enjoy being indoors. You never know,you may just be able to catch Starhub at its best!

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