Thursday, 27 June 2013

Blogger Part 2....

Hello everyone!:-)! It's been one long break from the blog.Here I am, after four months of traveling and sorting out domestic chores in the background with some serious time spent in trying out some new stuff in the Lion city.

Trying out new stuff happened as result of my just-turned-four daughter’s recent packed school schedule. I realised that she will only get busier.  So, I decided to expand my comfort zone which is essentially made up of my family, my books and writing of course.. Online diggings led to workshops. Workshops for jobs, courses, volunteer work and meet ups. I attended most of them, one by one.  I was already enjoying my afternoons. Though I’m yet to decide what to do, I know that I've found ways to engage my afternoons in more productive ways than just scrutinising my plants and listening to KISS 92.

Domestic chores. They will never end. Fortunately there’s help and I will still do my part of washing my daughter’s and my own clothes and cleaning my own room. The occasionally cooking will happen. But most of my day, without my daughter and husband, I plan to fill it with purpose and make sure it ends with a good sense of achievement.

My new beginning seems to be a little daunting, with only my natural PR skills to boast about and that too overshadowed by 5 years of no employment. But I face the world with guiltless confidence. Confidence defined by the time I spent with my daughter, a happy family I so lovingly nurture. I can also declare a great sense of local awareness I got from my Singaporean friends, the little corners with local flavours and stories and of course reading the Straits times every morning. Almost every morning.

I’m trying to get my foot back on things I know best. As much as I would love to get on a part time telemarketing job as an excuse to hone my PR skills, I know very well I’m not fast enough to make a few hundred calls in 6 hours and feed them with all the feedback and complaints in an excel sheet, that too in a jiffy. I was never good at selling anything else but stories, features and articles. I may also not allow myself to get bashed up by someone at the other end of the line without bashing him or her back. I don't know how these guys do it.Seeing myself sacked within a few days of work, I restrain myself, but with hope that one day I will triumph and get through this haze of afternoon un-settlements.

For all my friends who are in the same plight. Yes, we do look like silly expats, jumping from breakfast to lunch to make sure we did well before picking up our kids from school. Let us console ourselves that we pale in comparison to the ones who start from River Valley for coffee and head off to Taka to not just check on LV and Prada. And then get back to their cafĂ© in the Valley with shopping bags and looks that said, “we just don’t know  where the money came from” We, the more sensible wives of our husbands go back to check our mails to see if someone, at least one of those 15 jobs we wrote to in the morning has reverted.

I’m guessing we will all be eventually doing what we love. We just have to keep trying to find opportunities and possibilities that fit our capabilities.  It’s only then that we can excel and not only engage our afternoons but enjoy them. Almost like when we had our kids around. Till then, let’s keep reading and writing, talk to our plants, feed our fish, change the interiors of our room and listen to KISS 92.

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