Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Big Christmas in Li'l Singapore

Christmas Eve at Orchard Road was a busy affair. The street was thronged beyond pavement capacity and people were happily spilling over the main road because all is forgiven on this holy occasion. Through the crowd, I managed a liitle peep at the Christmas tree at Takashimaya and whoa, it looked gorgeous and seemed bigger than petite Singapore!

Takashimaya: Posing round the Christmas tree 

Though like most people, I thought the lights this year were least impressive. They were far too subtle for Orchard Road's massive, swank architecture. The rest was as usual, super best and very well done, given the fact that Singapore's Christmas is all man-made with no natural season or culture for it.

A crush of Christmas fans

Paul at Takashimaya made the most of it with their signature cakes and cosy Christmas home shaped cakes that me feel like it was really cold and snowing outside.

 Paul's sumptious Christmas cakes

Christmas, with all its man-made, commercial personality is an unavoidable event in Singapore that has its share of pleasant revelations every year. With blue and red done, I only hope the lights next year don’t go green! That said, Singapore definitely makes other countries go green with envy when it comes to its grand Christmas schemes! 

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