Thursday, 6 December 2012

Samosa and masala chai in Singaporean rains

First round of our samosa lunch

Equatorial winter is anything but cold, but the recent spells of rain in Singapore has made its cafes and food courts warm, cosy places to be at. Yesterday,I chanced upon this rare season and decided to hijack hubby from work for a quick, hassle-free lunch session at the food court in Vivocity. 

Happy hungry hubby tagged along. Now, the boring Indians in us just went straight to Atithi, an Indian stall. The food was looking fresh from its kitchen backstage but our first order query, as usual, was on the samosas. They are on the menu but somewhat rarely make it in eatable form, just like forbidden Atithis (Atithi in Hindi means guest).The guy from the kitchen did a happy nod.So the greasy munchies finally made it and what better day than on a rainy gloomy afternoon. We forgot lunch and ordered the Indian vegetarian patties with some masala chai. Ah!

The samosas were  just right brown and hot, straight from the karai (indian wok) with no signs of bacteria generating capacity which is usually the case with stale ones. Our quick samosa lunch was a hit and Atithi, I think you should start making the stuff more often, what with this little ‘winter’ planning to guest on the equator for just a little bit longer.

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