Thursday, 20 December 2012

Its all "Moh-Maya" Day!

(Another guest article by you know who!)

A Commercialization Opportunity Missed...
As I look at Doomsday, I feel a sense of Gloom. Not because the world is going to end. But because we could easily have used the occasion to bring the world economy out of recession. Every single festival, every single occasion is nowadays nicely packaged and leveraged by marketers around the world to make us spend more. Every major occasion adds tens of billions of dollars to the world economy. And as one country is teaching us, the best thing is to spend your way out of recession. Keynesian (?) economics at its best – so what if it’s being interpreted in a consumerist way rather than infrastructural way.
Here are 7 (considering our need for luck) ways we could have packaged this occasion…
1. “World Closing down sale – everything must Go!”. I have seen stores putting up that sign for years and still being there at the exact same spot. A ploy which works beautifully for all those inclined to get pleasure from someone’s perceived misery of going out of business.
2. “Christmas before Christmas Sales!” (For those who believe it will be an age for renewal and the second coming of Christ – so we will have two X’mas a year from now on)
3. “Blackest Friday” Sale! Considering what Black Friday does to consumers, imagine what Blackest would do! No need to wait for Cyber Monday!
4. "Get 2 for 1" on 21-12-12. All the 1’s and all the 2’s, let’s all have our purse strings loose! At this most depressing of news, let’s have retail therapy to get rid of the Blues!
5. Propheteering Day. To be pronounced as “Profiteering” – leveraging sentiments similar to the one in Point 2 above
6. “Sab Moh-Maya Hai” Sales (Moh and Maya are Hindi words for “Attraction” and “Illusion”, the phrase means everything is an illusion and takes us to the direction of “be detached” from worldly pleasures) : Why keep money in your pocket or bank, just spend it!
7. No Cash, only Credit Sale : The theory being everyone can spend on their credit cards since they would never need to pay anything to the banks ever . We all know how trigger happy we are when we shop on credit rather than hard cash!

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