Monday, 3 December 2012

Gold Class Gone Bronze!

Since we didn’t get the usual tickets to SKYFALL, we decided to once in a while indulge ourselves with some Gold Class experience. SKYFALL was ok if not better that its Bond predecessors. The Gold experience though was more like fast class service, so ridiculing to their company’s exotic promotional boasts.

Let me elaborate:

"A cluster of 4 Gold Class Cinemas - the ultimate in luxury movie viewing with a private lounge and plush electronic recliner seats comparable to First Class airline seats"

Oh please! The electronic recliner was alright, but please don’t compare it to a first class airline seat. My economy seat is a better place with better access to super class services (we’re talking Singapore Airlines, probably the benchmark in service. And maybe its better to watch movies on SIA flights!)

The movie viewing was far a thousand miles from luxury.Since we missed the pre-movie session; and with intention to not disturb the others viewing the movie with our food orders, we took our humble subway sandwiches to quietly munch through the crumbling SKYFALL. We and the rest in the hall were not that lucky. The sandwiches got Madame X to our private lounge and with M like authority she told that we can’t have outside food. Like sophisticated, educated people, we obeyed. What came next got our goat. She asked for the food and made us look like two idiots, who mugged our parents first thing in the morning, bunked school to get forbidden pleasure in some stupid corner with a stupid price tag. She almost confiscated Subway in footlong size. Then, I verbally punch her with,”hey, we’re civilized people, we’re NOT having the damned sandwiches.” She left without Subway in a wayward way. That’s so not Gold class baby.

When you charge so much for the “experience”, you should be flexible, intelligent and sensitive enough to tweak protocols. Or at least not expect to be blessed with sandwiches in return for giving people a chance to enjoy a Gold class $39 a piece experience!

"GV VivoCity sets a new benchmark for multiplexes in Singapore by introducing a sophisticated club ambience, with a 5-star food and beverage menu available (including a top wine list) and a private dining room"

Maybe, the menu’s paper quality was 5-star. Food, I think, was of decent 2-star standard, with the turmeric rice as half cooked as the one you get for less than a quarter of a dollar in a stop by snack shop in some developing country.

"The Gold Class cinema seats are all equipped with call buttons for faster and more discreet service. A new level of concierge-style service, hitherto unseen in Singapore cinemas, will be enjoyed by patrons from the moment they arrive all the way through their patronage experience"

With our sandwiches, safe in my bag, we decided to appease our hungry tummies. But the call buttons decided to brood with Madame X and just went red, with no one to give us the “faster and more discreet service.” After much call button effort that went to the drains of Madame X’s pool of bitterness, my husband went out and made it as discreet as possible to order the food. So much for concierge-style service. 10 minutes after red button and nobody in sight! Catch that happening on a First Class flight - and I am talking ANY airline here! The ultimate premium Self service-GV Gold class style!

Now, we should have gone through the reviews before booking our tickets. And Madame X, accompanied by the whole management, needs to get on a Singapore Airlines First class flight to know exactly what first class service (recliner included) feels like.

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