Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Another One Bites the Lust?

Sin-gapore city just got its latest lust butt (hopefully the last one this year) in the form of high profile Mr. Speaker sir. (in importance, just next to the Dy PM, PM and President).

Singapore’s 2012 is like the spider’s delicate web ( rtc: cute but not so popular nursery rhyme, Three Elephants) trampolined by mammoth power and its perverted ways. The fragile but determined web, not breaking a thread from the abuse, manages to shake off the elephants (Palmer,Ng and Leong) , one by one.  Unlike the endearing ones in the nursery rhyme, they don’t get to go home for a happy nap, but get faced for their indelicate expressions of all possible functions. 

The most influential one, Mr Palmer killed a promising career with his little dirty dancing. It’s dismaying to see power so young and capable, falling to ruin by a weak will and heart. Mr Palmer’s calm disposition and that blend of warmth and confidence that was so clearly messaged in those pictures are not indicative of a pathetic soul. This one case of forbidden love has left me wondering about and doubting the sanctity of marriage.

If a well-educated, of gentle upbringing, public figure like Mr Palmer can get cheap thrill from an affair, then we it’s time we understand how difficult it is to eradicate such irrationality that breeds in those less fortunate souls, not nourished with education and sophistication. The three - Messrs. Palmer, Ng and Leong - clearly did not intend to make it one each for opposition, ruling party and bureaucracy. Their acts were completely irrational and seemingly impulsive. So it’s time we forgive our maids and construction workers for their fallout and absence of wisdom just like the three, to understand that it is safer, spiritually and physically to finish one relationship then court another, rather than having 'em all together.

Then, where is the thrill you say! The thrill is in injecting your relationship with your spouse with dollops of romance every day. One, remembering to do something that makes him or her happier, more comfortable, more satisfied. Its a bigger challenge to keep relationships fresh day after day for decades on end. There in lies the thrill we should pursue. The easy way is by trial and error - and that is where many have erred.

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