Monday, 26 November 2012

Asian Integration : Diwali 2012@Little India

Psychedelic "Diya's" : Neon Streaming Serangoon Road..

This year's Diwali had neon blue avatar lights flooding Serangoon street  in Little India. Pedestrians, most of them local, with their unaffected haste to get past the street, are probably used to the Diwali 'illuminations'.

Soaking in the lights....

Diwali, a very loud affair in India, is subtle but observed with much zest as Chinese New Year and Hari Raya in Singapore. What starts the celebration is the month long bazaar which umbrellas stalls of necessities and intricacies of the festival like  jewellery, clothes, scented flowers, candles and delicacies. I even saw carpets being hung with hope of being taken home. Seriously, in that stirring air of things, carpet patience is the last thing I want to have. Everything else is so "Diwali Mela" - its enchanting!

Vibrant Colors to go with a Vibrant Festival of Lights!

Diwali in Singapore, delicate as it is, has become a major identity for Indians living here. I was amused when the Chinese cab driver, hearing me speak in Hindi on the phone, enthusiastically wished me a very happy Deepawali (more people here pronounce the longer version rather than saying Diwali). Awww! Asian Integration at its Best! What Diwali does for National Integration in India (with most religions and regions joining in the festivity), it does for Asian Integration in Singapore.

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