Friday, 5 October 2012

Parenting in Singapore : Kancheong style!

Why are Singaporean parents so kancheong about their kids?

I see a picture in today’s Strait Times celebrating children’s day with a caption that made me smirnk (that’s a cross between a smirk and a wink). It’s this innocent word that had me study the space between the photograph and the caption. Kancheong! Clever spoof on the parenting ways of Singaporeans. I won’t comment on the picture though. I think it’s cute.

Whoever did it, did it well to top the word search on Google. The result said,
Kancheong- To be hurried, flustered, uptight. The MRT door heaven open yet, you so kan-cheong for whaaaat! {Heaven= Haven’t}

Super cute take on "Kancheong"!

So dear dear parents, your kids’ future is not the MRT. You’ve got to wait and not hassle the poor things to chase your dreams so hurriedly. School is already one big headache, so leave them alone. Parents! Leave them kids alone! All in all, you don't want them to be just another brick in the wall!

I hear mothers complaining about their toddlers not being able to speak well, that they cry a lot and are not able to concentrate or pay attention. Hello! Go ask your mother how articulate you were at 18 months and if she missed complaining about her angel’s ‘terrible 2’ phase in small talk with other parents.

Sometime back, I came across this article on the latest parenting trend in Singapore - kids attending two sessions of different schools every day. My daughter’s former classmate is one guinea pig to this experiment. It’s absurdly wrong and has led me to form an antonym for parental guidance. Parental Crime. Why is the Ministry of Education even allowing this? In Scandinavia, you would have probably lost your child to fostering.

The worst hit are those entering the primaries. Their childhood is tiresome, expensive and so so so so soooooooooo not worth it. I know two sisters, aged about six and nine, who were regulars at the playground. At one point, they suddenly disappeared. I asked their helper about them and she very sympathetically said, ''Too may classes lah. Swimming, then painting, then maths. After that, tiiiired.’’ I didn’t miss her long tired. She didn’t fail to add that the parents were too busy, so she has to transport the kids from one class to another and eventually take them to McDonald’s, bathe them and put them to sleep. What a waste of two wonderful, precious lives. Sometimes, I see the two come off from the school bus, allowing a couple of minutes of their busy schedule to gaze at the pool and playground, as if bidding goodbye to another day of their childhood.

After all the prescriptions you’ve made for your kids and their lives, it’ll be amazing if one day you ask them what they want to be. Don’t be surprise if they come up with, “You tell me Mummy, Daddy”. Or maybe, just maybe, the precocious and daring ones would come up with something that will stop us in our tracks..... “definitely not kancheong like you, Mummy Daddy”

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