Friday, 19 October 2012

Maid in Singapore

This is purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to employers or maids (living or ... leaving or left!) is coincidental and purely unintentional.

Bio Data of an Experienced Maid....

First employer: Very rich. House too big and never left any food from table for us. I get bored with noodles.  My other helper complained about it to her friends in the neighbourhood. Believe me, I was quiet good little mouse in such complains -never gossip. I complete my contract. 2 years, you know. They want variety I think and that is why employer never renew. That was HongKong. I never thought getting another employer in same city so went home. How give reference of HK employer - no contact with me already!

Second employer: Old maam and her son. I don’t mind the old woman ,who never likes sharing utensils with her son. Son eat fish, meat and he also eat my head. He want me to work from 7am to 9pm. Just 10 hours of rest and sleep! I got sick when he would just shout at my afternoon naps and tell me to get up and find some dirt in the corners of the house. Don't know how dirt came, clean last month only! I got tired and left. Don’t know how long I last. I resting from all that tired house. Maybe one month.

Third employer: Old,dying maam. Very nice maam. The contract didn’t last even one month. Old, not well,died and they send me back. I never take such employers again.

Fourth Employer: Nice but not nice. Ma'am and sir nice. They had too many guests. Local guests on weekend made me sleep very late. My sir want all ingredients were ready for next day’s party. They made me clean the house only on guest come. Tiiired! Maam mom and sister, they come and stay for 2-3 months. Vegetarian, but too spicy. And so many dishes to make. Almost whole day at the kitchen. I thought the guests leave, they ask  tea.  I thought now that the mother and sister gone, sir mother arrived  same evening. She was ok. Not like the other. But didn’t want me in the kitchen. Imagine! It was My Kitchen. Mine! Mine! Mine! How to give my kitchen to strangers? I didn’t leave well. They renew my contract but I not happy. Too much work. Complete 2 years of old contract and 2 months of new.

Fifth Employer: No agency, I got employer on my own. Not bad people.They did use-furniture business in the house. House was very dirty. I got dust and saw dust to welcome me on the door. Maam not good. Maam got child from one man, who was not there. Instead there was white man with maam. I had to work in Aunty home also. Aunty told me that maam was not a good girl. Since it was a shop house, no food, no water, no kitchen. They even ate the bread I buy for myself. After 3 weeks , I told my ma'am I wanted to quit. She said no. I got police. They solve my problem.

Sixth employer: They give me no food, only plain food. Not allow me to take anything from the fridge. I last 23 days and went agency.

Seventh employer: First time, got Sunday off every week. Sign contract for 400 dollar salary but they gave increase to 500 dollars starting second month only. Sign contract for 2 Sundays off, but they gave all Sundays off! And they also give 15 dollars allowance every Sunday to spend on non-veg because only vegetarian food in house. But too much work. 2 adults and 1 baby. No cars, no dogs. No taking the baby down to play (only ma'm and sir do that). So only house work - cannot even go down to gossip with other maids who go to take baby down or walk dog or wash car. And no ya, no yeah. Said their child needs to learn full words and sentences without any slangs. How to talk then? Every Sunday off, with 15 dollars not enough.

All I want is to work whenever I want, eat and cook whatever and whenever I want (and others to eat what I want to cook). To talk anything anytime. And have all Sundays off. No small kids, dogs or cars. Nice house but small house (easier to clean) but with my independent room. All washing in machine and all drying in dryer. And no need teach me, ya? I know everything!

You see maam, I am very easy . I know all the jobs. I do you favor by allowing you hire me. So you have dog, car, small baby? Yes ?!! Then I dunwan. Many people in line to interview me. Sorry. Dun mind.

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