Monday, 8 October 2012

It's not always about the money, honey......

Now, now, Amy Cheong, not sure if the whole thing was rigged in your head! I would like to think it’s just an immature, insensitive (and clearly and unacceptably racial) outburst.

Racist comments have become the latest trend to cheap ‘stardom’. People can stoop so unbelievably low to get noticed.  Last year, it was an American from a known University doing this to Asians especially the Chinese. Now it’s one of us Asians doing it to ourselves!

With NTUC being so multiracial and neutral, the big body had to do what it had to do.  I assume her life got a bit like a void deck so she wanted some attention from the world and voila! The insensitive (and so so so immature) side of her got no one to make fun of but the Malays for making happiness out of 50 dollars!

In the same tone, it’s wrong to blame the parents, hubby or all Chinese for what Amy Cheong said. Don’t stoop to the level she momentarily did! I have some really wonderful Chinese friends, so it will be racially offensive, if you start judging them on the basis of Amy Cheong. She was, at that moment, just a "not so good" (that's being polite!) apple wanting to infest the world with these worms like thoughts (no offence to worms!). Awaken your worm repellents, be gracious and move on.

Cheers to the Malays who got so much with "50 dollars"; a lovely wedding and a jealous woman!


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  2. First thing first...brilliant writing. Immaculate choice of words and what natural flow!

    Talking about the subject, I somehow tend to sympathize with Amy Cheong. Not for what she had said, but for the wrath that fell on her, which I consider as unproportionate. I hear it took all of 24 hours for her world to crumble after she made her infamous facebook post. I am willing to give her some benefit of doubt, as I believe a facebook post can hardly define an individual.

  3. Thanks so much!:).The blog's maiden comment and such a thoughtful one.:-)

    Poor Amy. I agree.She was Assistant Director with clean repute till yesterday .She even had a lovely post before the big rant.I guess it really got the government's goat. This webisode will teach people to be more careful about what they spit on their walls!