Thursday, 27 September 2012

Singapore : Sea and the City

I may not be a fan of its hot climate and massive 'shopping paradise' reputation, Singapore fascinates me, nonetheless. It's the dusted, contradicting past that faintly shows in all its present glory that keeps it interesting for me. And I get most of it from the face of the overwhelming sea.  In a city that seems to be perpetually reinventing itself, it is one constant aspect that perfectly suits my senses.

Like a well Botoxed babe, this water body is carefully jeweled and studded with organised, humongous, some beautiful and some very smart, swanky concrete beings. Among these are some lonely patches of shop houses that don’t make it look that old. The overwhelming concrete affects are softened with clever streaks of green everywhere. Underneath this "ostentacity", the sea’s exuberance beds around the city, giving a sense of sweet subtle naivety to the whole up-to-the-minute look.

I can imagine a relaxed Singapore of the 1960s, declaring to the sea:

“My dreams are in haste, I calm them down to wait for me
I’m lazy and happy, shut off from everything that’s busy
For when I’m done, I’ll rush and rush
And fill you up with leaps and bounds of promises and dreams
And chase them all, till not one single dream is left a dream’’

Singapore has much to thank its deep waters for footing its dreams that in turn have brought such enormous prosperity.  I see that grateful heart, every time I visit the beach. I don’t know of any place that loves its sea as much as this city.  It keeps it so sacredly clean; you could almost see your face in its polished waves.

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