Tuesday, 11 September 2012

In-SA-NE is simply Indian-South Asian-North Eastern!

"Different people make differennations
The many tongues that speak many different languages
Is it food that makes a culture or culture food?
Subtle sarong can never be out of fashion
Can the sound of my name be sweeter that the chantings of OM?
Did I tell you egg shells and a cereal box could marry and make a photo frame?
Isn't amazing to see orchids blooming in good ol charcoal
If all books were page tuners, the fire brigade would have been good business....
Is the Internet really as BIG as China?"

Welcome to INSANEty !
The above pretty much makes up InSANE! The name is my dear husband's idea. Interestingly, Insan also means human in a few "√Źndian" languages.

I come from one of the most beautiful and exotic places in the world- North East India. Though I am presently based in Singapore, my visits to the region have never been sporadic. Due to its geographical location, the NE region's massive tourism appeal has not been justly explored. My friends always seem so impressed with our NE expeditions. It's concerning though that they know nothing, absolutely nothing of this beautiful corner in the wide geography of India which itself is a subset of the beautiful South Asia. So its only fair that the the region assumed to be cut off from the country owing to its disadvantageous geographical location should get some online presence - and attention from the rest of India as well as South East Asia. That's how this insane idea came about. The similarities between the NE of India and the SE of South Asia can be a theme to fill a library - you will hear a lot of that on this blog! 

All said though, Insane will also explore other fascinating places and experiences in diverse India and South Asia. I will share with you my everyday adventures and the lessons learnt along the way. I hope my Insane journey enriches your life and gives us the opportunity to connect through common threads and paths in this big wide maze!

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